VA Grinders was founded in 2013 year.
With the goal of improving the lives of the world's one billion adult smokers. VA is now a thriving team of salesmen, engineers, designers, supply chain experts, customer service and business professionals who believe that design, technology and out-of-the-box thinking are the keys to creating the most satisfying herb grinder.
Do our best to make every grinder looks an art-work. 
They are part of our team who always at your service all the time.

Jack Zhang

Jack have over 9 years of oversea sales experience. He always are welcome to clients.

Mary Wong

Mary have over 8 years operation experience. Join us in 2014 year, She was very kind and professional in marketing.

Jason Zhong

Jason has over 8 years sales experience, he work in famous vapor company before. Join us in 2015 year, his comprehensive knowledge always helpful to clients.

Jessie Wong

Jessie have over 6 years sales experience. She is a patient and optimistic girl, always consider more things for clients.

Marvin Zhu

Marvin have over 7 years vaporizer sales experience. He always know customer need in business.

Suzy Yan

Suzy join in us in 2020, she is passionate for work. Her major course is international business English.

Bruce Wu

Bruce major course is journalism, He is good at communication with customer.

Janet Yan

Janet is a nice sales, Her major course international trade. She insist on there are always more ways than excuses.

Mia Yan

Mia major course is international trade. She always online to service customers. Treat all cooperation value.

Heddy Wu

Heddy major course is international trade. She is optimism in work and life.

Emma Wei

Emma is creative girl, Her major course is international trade. Professional attitude always make customer satisfied.

Jane Zhang

Jane have 9 years experience in finance and accounting, she was worked for Huawei and ZTE company many years.

Andrew Dong

Andrew has over 10 years of design experience. He is very good at Photoshop, CAD etc. Support us make your logo better.

Steven Yu

Steven has over 11 years of production. He is rigorous and careful in work. Be sure orders finished on time in high quality.