Laser Engraving

We can laser logo, free OEM brand, no MOQ.


Know about laser engraving.

Laser engraving can do your brand or designs on herb grinder. The big advantage: With a laser, you can engrave virtually any design on different materials herb grinders.We have 3 laser machines work for your grinders order, show you a real sample in 5mins.


How does it work.

Send your logo to us, then we will transfer to engraving format. With ourself laser engraving machine, we can show you real sample in 5mins.


Our work for clients.

We have 3 laser engraving machines, can laser white, black, grey color logo on herb grinders. Make grinder logo looks better. Within 500piece qty, we can finish engrave and ship out on same day.


Laser your logo now.

Don't hesitate to send your logo, get your grinders now. No MOQ for laser engraving.