J Case2.0

$3.99 - Premium Container for King Size Pre Roll

J Case2.0 is more than just a simple redesign of J Case, it improves in several ways. The addition of lanyards allows you to attach it more firmly to your backpack, the texture of the lid makes it easier to hold and slide, and the larger interior space can accommodate the King Size pre-roll.

  • 1 J Case
  • 1 Silicone Lanyard
  • 1 Gift Packaging Box
  • Year Warranty
  • Engrave Your Brand
  • NO MOQ


Vertical Stripes Design

Beautiful, avoids finger slippage, more stable grip and easier opening.


Larger Lid Aperture

Lid Aperture increased to 10mm, which can easily fit the Pre Roll of King Size.


Lanyard Loop

Attach the case to a backpack or handbag easily, so smoke is always within reach.