VA Grinders was founded in 2013 year, with the goal of improving the grinding weed lives of the one billion adult smokers. Where people who smoke weed have a better herb grinder to get nicer weed, should they so desire.


We recognize many people want to build own brand herb grinders and smoking products, but it will cost much money for OEM or have very high MOQ.

For solve this situation, With our advantage in herb grinder, We supply free brand service and No MOQ.

Even though you are new guys in smoking business, also can build your brand easier and faster.


As a herb grinder and smoking accessories manufacturer, we believe that a better product can have a positive impact when smoker use it to grinding weed.

We value all the feedback from users, Our engineers improve the details of herb grinder base on it.

Whether you're new or have many years of experience smoker, We care about your grinding experience.