Dome Sticker

Keep your design colors, match different colors herb grinder.


Know about dome sticker.

With a striking 3D or bubble like aesthetic, dome stickers pop up and demand your attention. With 3M glue past on the top of grinders, never fall off. For herb grinders logo, it can keep same colors with your design. 


How does it work.

We print your design first, then workers drop epoxy glue on the sticker one by one.The glue will be solidify in 48 hours. Then we can paste on the top of grinders.


Our work for clients.

Dome stickers deliver a tactile experience for herb grinder users, they catch the eye and also make the
smokers want to touch them. Fun and full of life dome stickers work beautifully, inside or out.


Do your logo now.

Bring your brand grinders to life in 3D style then definitely select our dome stickers. 
Email your logo to us, to find one more creative possibilities.