UV Print

Keep your colorful logo on brand herb grinder.


Know about UV printing.

UV printing is one of the most popular printing techniques, and is the most-used by VA Grinders. We can do any colors design logo on our products.


How does it work.

The frame is placed on grinder and with the help of a scraper the colors are screened

(one layer for each colour, up to a maximum of four colours).


Our work for clients.

Whenever applying a layer with the frame ink, it is left to dry and then can be used for another application.

In spite of its craftsmanship in recent years, silk-screen printing has become more modern, and there is

 now ink and machinery available that enables us to obtain results of superfine quality.


Print your logo now.

Nowadays there are more and more companies that decide to opt for silk-screen printing when they want to sell herb grinders.